Terms and Conditions





  1. Terms & Conditions

These are the terms and conditions for the services provided by “PC2GO” to you. By ordering any service from the Organisation you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

  1. Order Process

 2.1 The services provided by the Organisation can be ordered in the following ways:

 2.1.1 Via the order form on the Organisation website located at pc2go.co.in

2.1.2 Telephoning to us on the number listed at the bottom of these terms and conditions.

2.1.3 Emailing to us using the email address at the bottom of these terms and conditions.

2.2 The person or persons ordering any service must have the requisite authority to order such a service on behalf of the Client. This authority will be assumed at the time of the order.

2.3 Upon acceptance and confirmation of an order you will receive a booking reference and where possible a booked service slot (where the service is to be provided on-site).

  1. Payment & Title

3.1 Payment may be made by a valid and current credit or debit card or by cheque.

3.2 Payment by credit or debit card can be made via our website, by telephone or in person.

3.3 For security reasons we do not accept credit or debit card details via email and so you should not send your card details via email.

3.4 For payments by cheque any goods will not be released or any services to be provided will not commence until the cheque payment has cleared by our company accounts.

3.6 Where goods are purchased from the Organisation, title to such goods only pass to the Client once a complete and valid payment is made by the Client and received by the Organisation for those goods.

  1. Services Provided

(services not listed above can be quoted for on request.)

 We provide the following services:

4.1.1 New desktop pc, laptops and hardware repairs, parts replacement and upgrades for Windows, Apple operating systems.

4.1.2 The installation and configuration of new desktop or laptop computers running Windows operating systems. Whether the computers are provided directly by us or by a third party supplier.

4.1.3 The installation, configuration or upgrading of operating systems, software and third party software for desktop and laptop computers running Windows, Apple operating systems. Whether the software is provided directly by us or by a third party supplier.

4.1.4 The creation, installation, configuration or upgrading of wired or wireless hardware, software and cabling for computer networks. Whether provided directly by us or by a third party supplier.

4.1.5 The installation, configuration or upgrading of hardware and software security products, including anti-virus software, hardware & software firewalls and other anti-intrusion and physical security equipment. Whether provided directly by us or by a third party supplier.

4.1.6 Additional services not listed above can be quoted for on request.

  1. On-Site and Off-Site

 5.1 The services detailed above can be provided on-site or off-site, depending upon the nature of the service required, availability of parts and products and the ease of configuring any product or service either on-site or off-site.

 5.2 At the time of booking you will be informed as to which elements of any service will be provided on-site or off-site.


  1. Remote Access

 6.1 Where possible we may use remote access tools to access Client equipment.

6.2 We shall make an assessment as to whether remote access is suitable and possible in each case.

  1. On-Site Requirements will be provided

 7.1 The following are required for all on-site visits and repairs:

 7.1.1 Easy access to the equipment to be serviced and the surrounding area.

7.1.2 Light and main power, and where necessary a fully functioning telephone line, with or without internet access, (as applicable).

7.1.3 A person on-site with knowledge of the issue or issues affecting the equipment.

7.1.4 A person on-site with administrator level access privileges to the relevant equipment, (where required).


7.1.5 Valid, original and licensed versions of any software required, (unless being supplied by us.) Please note that we will not use, install or configure any unlicensed, copied or counterfeit software.


  1. Data Backup is not guaranteed in case of faulty or dead system


  1. Cancelling or Changing An Appointment will be charged


  1. Missed Appointments can be rescheduled as per the customer requirement
  2. Warranty Period will be based as per the Invoice/ Bill copy.